The Differences Between 4-Wheel-Drive and All-Wheel Drive Explained

There are still people who think that 4-wheel-drive and all-wheel drive means the same thing. After all, aren't both topics talking about the same thing, power to all four wheels for more traction? In a sense, that is true, but each system operates a bit differently for different vehicles and conditions.

The 4-wheel-drive term is one that most people are familiar with as it has been around longer. This system is primarily used in pickup trucks and larger SUVs that are used off-road. It uses a split differential and lower gear ratios and is used mostly for off-road conditions and rough terrain driving.

All-wheel drive is found on crossover vehicles, sedans, and high-performance cars. It supplies an equal amount of power to each wheel, with allowances made for differences in road conditions. You will find all-wheel-drive drivetrains in vehicles that principally are driven on paved roads. Ice, snow, and heavy rainstorms are conditions where the all-wheel-drive systems do very well.

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