5 Safety Tips For Children During Halloween

Halloween is here with us again! As a parent, there are safety tips you have to take to ensure your children are safe.
• Ensure that the children’s costumes have reflective tape for easier tracing when a motorist is driving.
• Children should carry glow sticks or flashlights so that they are visible to drivers.
• When shopping for costumes for the children, buy the perfect fit to avoid falls when walking to avoid being hit by fast-moving cars
• Teach the children to check both sides of the road to before crossing to confirm the road is clear.
• If possible, children should walk on sidewalks.

With such tips, you are adequately prepared. We at Auto Plaza Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram look forward to having you. Feel like spoiling yourself with a new car, stop by our shop in Farmington for some of the best deals around. Happy Halloween from all of us and we wish you a splendid time.
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