What Happens When My Head Gasket Leaks?

The head gasket in your car protects the internal parts of your engine. While protecting those parts, the head gasket maintains the internal pressures required to create a spark within the combustion chamber. The head gasket is responsible for protecting the lubricating and cooling fluids from debris while keeping those fluids in their separate areas of the engine.

A leak in a head gasket will reduce the pressure in the combustion chamber. As the leak expands, the spark is reduced, eventually to the point of not firing at all. Another result of a leaky head gasket is the allowance of cooling fluid into the engine body. The fluid mixes with the lubricating oil reducing the oil’s efficiency. Eventually, the parts that need lubrication will fail, causing immense internal damage.

Take your leaky head gasket to our service center at Auto Plaza Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Farmington, MO immediately for removal and replacement by trained technicians.

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